The Kristie Tape

by Toby Oler

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"Psychedelic Bluegrass" - Bluegrass Unlimited

The Kristie Tape documents two September afternoons in 2007 which I think is the first time Deasy and I played with Picker Dan and Barry Elkins. That quartet later did a bunch of gigs as the Nashville Knives. Named after Picker Dan's store the Nashville Knife Shop. We recorded this one mic straight to DAT tape in Deasy's living room. Later that year, mixed it down at Chris Padgett and Melissa McGinley's mountain top chateau (complete with bidet) outside of Asheville, where I cut in a bunch of weird field recordings of this tape I unearthed from the feral hellion era of Bicknell and I running wild on 600 acres at Pleasant Kentucky Ridge deep in the hills of Greene County Indiana. Mostly bizarre shit collected from an answering machine, which became a strangely powerful device for us when things descended into a shitshow an hour away from civilization & outside cell phone range.

It's named the Kristie Tape after a message mistakenly left on our answering machine in the middle of the night. A grandmother goes long on an unstoppable run on sentence of a message for her granddaughter Kristie's upcoming trip to Washington DC describing in epic manic detail all the fun you can have going to Beni Hana and buying FBI hats. I still remember coming through the door getting greeted by the two dogs and seeing that flashing red light and listening to it over and over and over that night. It's the 11th track if you want to skip direct to it. Like my pal Sean Mason said, it's-a spicy meatball.

I got CD's made and sent one in the mail to Bluegrass Unlimited and got my first review in a national mag. They hated it. It's funny now, cause I've used the quote for years "psychedelic bluegrass" and attributed it to them, but they were only repeating with incredulity the genres listed on my myspace page. I got the feeling they thought I was a total punk and ruined their morning. I can't find the review anywhere at the house now, would love to see it again.


released January 7, 2008

All songs Toby Oler, except
"Linda" Deasy/Oler
"Jumpin' Judy" Deasy/public doman
"Bye Bye Blue" public domain

Barry Elkins mandolin
Picker Dan Bilger guitar
Ryan Deasy bass and vocals
Toby Oler banjo, mandolin (3) guitar (10) and vocals

cover Max Kauffman



all rights reserved


Toby Oler

"Unpredictable amalgam of American song." -East Bay Express.

Toby Oler is a songwriter, banjo player and composer that lives in Oakland, California. He is from Economy, Indiana.

Of late, Toby’s written a few songs with Michael James Tapscott and Elliott Peck. His songs have been covered on record by The White Lightning Boys, Midnight North and Lexi Len Minnich.
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